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Borobudur ia a buddhist stupa and temple complex in Central Java, Indonesia. and about 25 miles northwest of cultural capital Yogyakarta and approximately 9 miles south of magelang. Borobudur is a UNESCO world Heritage Site .

Okay now I want to explain about my trip to Borobudur for  100,000IDR for Indonesian and for foreign is 25$ USD, but this price not for sunrise ticket. The prise include bus ticket, becak (traditional transportation of Indonesia) and borobudur ticket.

station jombor


bus to Borobudur

If you stay at malioboro you have to go to jombor terminal bus station, you can use application is like GO-JEK or another app or you can go by walk.i recommended  for you going at  the early morning, because Indonesia gets incredibly hot in the afternoon, at the Borobudur just stone  there’d exposed areas you will be boiling in on the time.from jombor terminal bus station just take bus to drop you till Borobudur terminal and the bus coast is 20,000 IDR, the coast is the same for local or foreign people. But if you didn’t find the bus just ask at the local people because they very friendly and want to help you. the condition of the bus they didn’t have air conditioner  just fresh air for the window and the door, because the door still open while the bus going.


Becak, the driver put his fingers at the camera lol, and I never asking the guy for taking me a pict, but he want, he is friendly and good guide.

The final bus stop at Borobudur terminal, and isn’t the last because you have to take another transportation to bring you at the Borobudur, you can take becak for 10,000 IDR for one trip, to be honest is very close with the Borobudur temple but for the experience.the driver of becak will be dropped you at entrance of Borobudur temple, so just follow the direction. Ohhh ya for buy the tickets the locket for local and tourist is a different so please read the reference board.

this is the entrance of Borobudur

Borobudur ticket price for local, entrance fees during regular hours is 40,000 IDR and for foreigners 20 $ USD, and can be paid in rupiah or via credit card.

and then hope you enjoy guys. Thank you.










NB.. I can not speak English with good, but still learning, so if I have mistake please give me apologies. Thank you.