how I can get lose weight

untuk menurunkan BB seharusnya dilakukan secara perlahan- lahan, banyak orang berpikir lebih cepat lebih baik biar gak wasting time, akhirnya mereka selalu memilih dengan menggunakan obat- obatan pelangsing yang malah sebenarnya memiliki efek yang sangat merugikan bagi kesehatan, misalnya jantung berdebar- debar, gak bisa tidur, keringat dingin dll.

sebenarnya menurunkan berat badan bisa dengan olahraga teratur, perbanyak aktivitas outdoor, makan makanan yang banyak mengandung serat dan perbanyak minum air putih. every weekend biasanya akan ke caffe and order cake and drip coffee, diet no sugar is very difficult for me jadi sometimes after one week with full work (hospital) gw selalu have time to treat my self, usually order cheese cake but drink with drip coffee or black coffee.

6 years ago

living at Japan always make me happy why? because they have vegetable fresh for everyday, jadi karena gw typically person who’s like veggies jade everyday always ada one bowl or more veggies salad and fruits.

breakfast I always have one cup black coffee and boil eggs I always have two for breakfast

if I’m off work I have snack time at 10 am and is banana or eggs and avocado and one cup tea. I’m tea lover

and for lunch I have salad and yoghurt I don’t know yoghurt for breakfast or lunch but perfect for me for lunch.

and my dinner is salad fruits and veggies, I can mix with breast chicken usually grilled chicken, I told you all I’m is typically person who’s like outdoor so ill go to outside for looking for something, go to supermarket so I can still moved and gym. being healthy means for me is everything. health of me is about physical health and mental health. please being healthy it doesn’t have to be complicated, just eat good foods, still get active and sharing positive at you around.

and this is me now, January 2019

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